Renovating Your Primary Bedroom This Spring

Does your primary bedroom need a makeover? Spring is the perfect season to refresh and renew this all-important room in your home. You spend so much time here, after all, that you want it to be a space you love.

If a bedroom renovation is on your to-do list, you have a lot of options. A full-blown remodel can add more closet space, windows, or square footage. But you can also create maximum impact with something as simple as changing out your old linens for high-end bedding.

Before you get started, you will want to get organized:

  • Develop a list of everything you would like to accomplish with your renovation project.
  • Then take a hard look at your budget and timeline. You will want to price out key components of your renovation project so you can track projected costs. This will help you hone your list and cut any items you do not have time or money to complete right now.
  • Create a mood board with ideas for design aesthetics, color palettes, furniture, and other sources of inspiration. It is ideal to get samples of fabrics, flooring, and paint chips so you can see how they look in your bedroom.
  • Determine what jobs you can do yourself, such as painting, and what work may require a contractor, electrician, or other expert. For the latter, you will want to get estimates from licensed professionals to get a clearer picture of your expenses.
  • Clear out your primary bedroom to make way for the renovation to begin!

Areas to Focus On

Wondering where to get started? Here are some key ways to transform the look of your primary bedroom:

Enlarge Your Closet

Who would not want an expansive, well-lit, walk-in closet for storing all their clothing and accessories? And while you are adding square footage, be sure to include a closet organizer system that can be customized to your specific needs.

Add a Mini “Room”

Primary bedrooms are meant for rest and relaxation. The bed has “rest” covered; now add a small sitting area where you can relax with your morning cup of coffee or a good book. Add a decorative screen to divide the sitting area from the rest of the bedroom then furnish this new space with a cozy chair, small table, and lamp. This also helps you look at your bedroom layout in a new way, and you may end up moving other furniture around, too, which can make the room feel brand new.

Harness Natural Light

If your bedroom seems dark and cramped, add windows or doors to let in the sunshine. If you are not increasing the square footage of the room, this extra light can make the space seem airier and more expansive. Be sure to budget for window coverings to go with the new windows. We also recommend purchasing blackout curtains to block ambient nighttime light that can disrupt sleep.

Change the Furnishings

A renovation is a prime opportunity to change the design aesthetic of your primary bedroom with new (or in the case of vintage, new to you) furniture. Maybe you choose a matching bedroom set, an oversized headboard, or an elegant chest that doubles as a storage solution at the foot of your bed.

Color Your World

New paint or wallpaper offers immediate transformation. You can opt for go-with-anything neutrals and pops of color in art and design accessories, soothing pastel blues and greens that create a peaceful environment, or a striking, bold color like oxblood or peacock.

Work from the Ground Up

Flooring is another high-impact design element of a primary bedroom. Perhaps it is time to pull up old carpets and install the wood floor you have always dreamed of, or maybe you want to get a new, plush, wall-to-wall carpet. You can also layer on a beautiful woven area rug for extra visual appeal.

A lumpy bed has no place in a luxury bedroom. Think of the finest bed you have ever slept on in a hotel. It likely had luxury bedding, including a cloudlike duvet, tastefully coordinated throw pillows, sumptuous sheets, and, perhaps most importantly, a high-quality mattress that offers premium support and plenty of comfort for a good night’s sleep.

Small Changes, Big Results

Even if a remodel is not in the cards, you can still make your bedroom feel fresh. Try some of these ideas for revitalizing your bedroom without spending too much money or time:

  • Update your lighting fixtures with new pendant lights, wall sconces, or floor and table lamps.
  • Order a new mattress and bedding, including decorative throw pillows and blankets in your chosen color palette.
  • Change the art on your walls.
  • Hang a large mirror or a grouping of smaller mirrors to give the appearance of more space.
  • Use fabrics with varying patterns or textures on cushions, pillows, and bedding.
  • Swap your traditional-looking drapes for modern shades (or vice versa).
  • Add baskets or drawers under the bed for extra storage space that keeps clutter to a minimum.
  • Install a decorative shelf to display a curated grouping of family photographs, heirlooms, or other personal treasures.
  • Pay attention to details: Use a room spray, candle, or diffuser to create a welcoming aroma, or put a small vase of fresh flowers on your nightstand.

Spring is a time of rebirth, a chance to start something new. Why not make this the year you say goodbye to the old and create the primary bedroom of your dreams? Be creative and let your design imagination take flight. Whether you tear down a wall or simply hang up new wall art, you have the capability to make your bedroom something truly special.

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