7 Things To Do in Dickson

Uncovering the charm of the South, let’s delve into the heartbeat of Tennessee – Dickson. An intriguing blend of culture, history, entertainment, and serene landscapes, this quaint city is home to treasures that aren’t just places, but experiences etched into the memory of its visitors. Here, we take a closer look at the essence of seven distinctive businesses that, together, represent the spirit of Dickson.

Clement Railroad Hotel Museum

The Clement Railroad Hotel Museum is a historic gem. Erected in 1913 as the Hotel Halbrook, it quickly became a crucial economic and social hub. Today, it’s an interactive museum brimming with history that harkens back to the Civil War era and the evolution of the railroad. As you explore the well-curated exhibits, you can’t help but feel the echo of the past whispering tales of struggle, triumph, and transformation. The Museum is more than a display – it’s a journey through time.

Roxy Movie Theater

The Roxy Movie Theater, a family-owned, old-fashioned gem, reminds you of the golden age of cinema while being an epitome of modernity. Its marquee, reminiscent of the 1940s, gleams against the night sky, creating a picture-perfect scene for movie-goers. Offering an eclectic mix of mainstream and independent films, the Roxy ensures an immersive experience for cinema enthusiasts. Its plush seating, top-notch audio-visual technology, and warm hospitality serve as an oasis of entertainment within the city’s bustling heart.

Yesterday’s Treasures Today

Yesterday’s Treasures Today is a magical place where the past meets the present. This antique store provides a window into eras bygone, with carefully curated items that exude a vintage charm. From furniture and housewares to jewelry and unique collectibles, each piece in the store carries a story, a tangible echo of the past. Stepping into Yesterday’s Treasures Today is like leafing through a storybook of history, bound by the golden thread of nostalgia.

Greystone Golf Club

Serene, picturesque, and meticulously maintained, the Greystone Golf Club epitomizes the love for the outdoors in Dickson. Crafted by legendary golf architect Mark McCumber, this 18-hole championship course is a joy for golf enthusiasts of all levels. Amid rolling greens and sparkling lakes, golfers find the perfect setting for a relaxing round. The club also offers a full-featured Pro Shop and a welcoming Clubhouse, complete with dining and event facilities. Greystone is more than a golf club – it’s a sanctuary of leisure.

Reading Rock Books

Reading Rock Books is the city’s literary soul. Independent and locally-owned, it’s a refuge for bookworms, writers, and dreamers. Shelves are packed with carefully chosen titles from a range of genres, offering a deliciously diverse palette for readers. The store hosts a vibrant calendar of events, including author signings, book clubs, and storytelling sessions for kids. When you step into Reading Rock Books, you’re not just entering a bookstore, you’re joining a community that cherishes the written word.

Ragan’s Friendly Neighbor Store

As its name suggests, Ragan’s Friendly Neighbor Store is a local favorite that embodies the warmth of Dickson. With its inventory spanning from convenience items to gardening supplies, it’s a one-stop-shop for locals. Their customer service, marked by Southern hospitality, makes every visit a pleasant experience. The Friendly Neighbor Store is more than a retailer – it is the cornerstone of everyday life in Dickson, where faces are familiar, and the sense of community is palpable.

Thunder Alley

No visit to Dickson is complete without a stop at Thunder Alley. This family entertainment center boasts a state-of-the-art bowling alley, a thrilling laser tag arena, and an expansive arcade packed with timeless favorites and the latest games. Whether it’s a friendly competition on the bowling lanes or a birthday celebration, Thunder Alley serves up smiles and unforgettable experiences. It’s a place where laughter echoes off the walls, and good times roll.


Each of these seven establishments embodies a facet of Dickson’s rich tapestry. They showcase the city’s historic roots, its commitment to community, its love for leisure and literature, and its vibrant spirit of entertainment. In a world that’s constantly rushing, Dickson, TN, offers a refuge where time seems to pause, inviting visitors to embrace the joy of the moment.

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