Making a Splash in Dickson, TN: The New Henslee Park Splash Pad

In the heart of Dickson, Tennessee, a new recreational gem has emerged, promising to bring joy, laughter, and a refreshing respite from the summer heat. The city of Dickson proudly presents one of the largest splash pads in the state, a remarkable addition to the community’s recreational landscape. This new facility, part of the expansive Henslee Park, is a testament to the city’s commitment to providing quality recreational spaces for residents and visitors alike.

The splash pad, along with a 25,000-square-foot playground, is situated on the site of the former Dickson Country Club at 800 Highway 70 West. The city purchased this property in July 2018, transforming it into the 126-acre Henslee Park. The park, which boasts over four miles of walking, running, and biking paths, has since been enhanced with a fenced dog park for both large and small breeds, with additional activity features set to be installed this summer.

The splash pad itself is a 4,000-square-foot water wonderland, featuring 20 unique water features designed to entertain and cool off visitors of all ages. The playground, a sprawling area with 26 separate features, is a haven for children, offering a variety of play structures that are unique to the region.

Inclusivity is a key aspect of the design of both the splash pad and the playground. The city has ensured that these spaces are accessible and enjoyable for persons of all abilities, fostering a welcoming environment for everyone.

Adjacent to the splash pad is a pavilion complete with picnic tables and restrooms. This area, along with a large greenspace, provides an ideal spot for picnicking. Visitors are welcome to use the picnic tables on a first-come, first-served basis, and are free to set up popup canopies, portable tables, and lawn chairs in the greenspace.

While pets are not allowed in the splash pad and playground areas, they are welcome on leash in the greenspace and trails. The adjacent dog park is the only area in Henslee Park where dogs may roam off-leash.

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all visitors, the use of skateboards, scooters, roller skates, inline skates, and other wheeled devices are prohibited in the splash pad, playground area, and pavilion.

Henslee Park is open from sunrise to 10 pm daily, with the splash pad operating from 8 am to 8 pm. Admission to the park and the splash pad is free, making it a budget-friendly option for families seeking fun and relaxation.

The city of Dickson continues to explore opportunities to enhance Henslee Park, with the possibility of adding an aquatic facility currently under research.

For more information on Henslee Park and its features, you can reach out to the Dickson Parks and Recreation Department at 615-446-1721.

In conclusion, the new splash pad at Henslee Park is more than just a recreational facility; it’s a testament to the city’s commitment to enhancing community life. It’s a place where memories are made, where laughter echoes, and where every splash brings joy. So, come and make a splash at Dickson’s newest attraction!

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